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Quality Parts

Inventory Overview

- Stainless Steel

- Carbon Steel

- Forged Steel

- Malleable/Cast Iron


- Copper

- Cam and Groove

- Strut and Hangers

- Compression Fittings


- PTFE Tape/Sealants,  Spray Lubes

On time Delivery

Competitive Pricing

Our diverse inventory makes it possible for us to service various industries including:

- Industrial/Commercial Piping

- Plumbing 

- Dairies, Breweries, Extraction

- Civil Construction (Excluding Main Line)

- Oil & Gas / Energy

Conveniently located on the I-25 corridor at Hwy 66, we are a locally owned and operated supplier of pipe, valves and fittings with a diverse product offering. Providing quality products at competitive prices, helping solve your material sourcing needs.

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