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Slightly different approach to sales

I guess since I have been on the other side, or the inside if you will, I have been taking a slightly different approach to sales. I know how trying sales people can be; sending emails, calling you, stopping by your office... and I am doing my best to not be too pesky.

I use an email platform for marketing emails and newsletters, it's nice that they have these tools available. It makes it easy for someone like me, who doesn't have a strong marketing background, to create and send out information about our company and industry trends. I have heard that the average "read" rate on these types of emails is less than 20%, which depending on the number of contacts can still be pretty substantial. However, for someone who is still small like us, to have a 25% + "read" rate blows my mind every time, and I am very greatfull! Especially when we have less than 200 contacts we are sending too. Please know that these are just meant to keep us on your radar, see our progress as we grow, and try to provide some insight to what is trending in our area.

Sales calls are something I handle a little differently as well. Mondays and Fridays are days I purposely don't make calls. For one, Mondays can present enough of a challenge on their own depending on your crews and who does or doesn't show up, no need to stir the fire. Fridays everyone is wrapping up their week and getting ready for the next week. That leaves Tuesday through Thursday for making phone calls and in person visits when allowed.

Not sure how my tactics will work out for us, only time will tell. I am always looking for guidance and input, still have a lot to learn, feel free to share your suggestions!

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