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Take-Off's - To Do Them, or To Not Do Them

While I really enjoy working on the take-offs and bids, I keep asking myself if they are truly worth the time and effort. I have had a couple bids that we were "almost" given the chance to perform, however, that is as close as we have come. I enjoy them for a couple reasons; they help me learn more products and specs, and it gives me a little more insight as to how things come together on a project.

It ultimately comes down to return on time and investment. To date, that return has been zero. I would love to find a GC to work with on a regular basis and be awarded the material purchase in the end, even better would be to have a couple Plumbing/Mechanical contractors to work with in the same capacity.

Interested in partnering up? Let's get connected and talk about ways we can work together to help get your job bids done and the material to the site!

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