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Takeoffs for job bids

Back in the early 2000's, when working for Wilson Supply, I had the opportunity to work a couple bid take-offs. Now, this process is not for everyone, but I rather enjoy the process. When I signed up for some of these bidding sites, I had no idea what I was getting myself into. I learned my skills are very, very rusty. But, much like riding a bike it all comes back to you after you complete one or two.

One thing is for sure, the advances in software for this process make the task of performing a bid takeoff a lot less painstaking. After testing a few different programs for this, we made the decision to purchase eTakeoff. This software program will be a great tool for completing these takeoff requests in a timely manner. There is a lot to learn in just the software itself, but it is a very user friendly system making it easy to learn as I go.

While most of the PVF Supply houses out there don't offer a takeoff service for bidding your jobs, we are considering making this a permanent offering going forward. One of the most enjoyable parts for me in this process is the learning part of things. I am able to learn more about application and specifications, expanding my knowledge will make me better at what I do all around. As we are able to grow our team, I will be able to train and share my knowledge with our team members as well as help ensure we are able to fully understand our customers needs.

There is one catch to this. Any bid takeoffs will need to have customer verification of material types and connections, quantities, and sizes prior to placing an order.

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